• Construction or restoration of about 260 ponds and more than 3,000 small pools as spawning waters for the target species
  • Management of terrestrial habitats by removal of shrubs and trees and creation of raw soil on approx. 76 ha
  • Establishing of extensive grazing on approx. 114 ha for sustainable management of aquatic and terrestrial habitats
  • Constructionof 11 stone piles as daytime hiding places and hibernation sites
  • Rearing of yellow-bellied toads for restoration of extinct populations
  • Establishing a breeding stock of the midwife toad for strengthening and/or reintroduction purposes
  • Initiating and supporting measures for habitat improvement by third parties outside the project areas
  • Public relations work and communication by talks, guided walks, workshops, conferences, leaflets, a layman's report, a home page, notice boards etc.