The project

NABU Lower Saxony and its project and cooperation partners in the LIFE BOVAR project devote themselves to the management of the Yellow-bellied Toad and the systematic development of dynamic habitats for species conservation.

The most important goals of the project are the implementation of practical conservation actions for threatened amphibian species, the re-establishment and optimisation of suitable habitat conditions and the strengthening of the biotope network by means of stepping stones and partial reintroduction in order to network isolated populations. The target species Yellow-bellied Toad, Midwife Toad, Natterjack Toad and Great Crested Newt should benefit from these actions. Furthermore, they should help to restore the original distribution range of the Yellow-bellied Toad. The Yellow-bellied Toad is the guiding and target species of the project, as there is a special responsibility for its conservation and the habitats of the Yellow-bellied Toad are characterised by a high diversity of species.

Together with the project partners from the Netherlands (Stichting IKL), the Schulbiologiezentrum Hildesheim, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologischer Umweltschutz aus Soest, NABU Naturschutzstation Aachen as well as the federal states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, project actions and species conservation measures are carried out over a period of eight years to contribute to biological diversity. As is usual for LIFE projects, the aim is to develop instruments for the long-term preservation and maintenance of habitats.