In the LIFE BOVAR project, NABU Lower Saxony, together with its project and cooperation partners, is dedicating a period of eight years to the management of the yellow-bellied toad and other endangered amphibian species and thus to the targeted development and maintenance of dynamic habitats for species conservation.

The most important goals to achieve this are

  • the creation of suitable spawning grounds and terrestrial habitats for the "highly endangered" or even "endangered" target species on the Red List: yellow-bellied toads, midwife toads, cross toads and crested newts
  • the securing or creation of a favourable conservation status for Yellow-bellied Toads & Co. in the project areas
  • the strengthening of the biotope network by creating water bodies between existing occurrences of the species as so-called "stepping stones"
  • the construction of pasture fences and the establishment of extensive grazing for the long-term use and maintenance of the project areas
  • and, in part, the reintroduction in order to reconnect isolated populations.

The LIFE BOVAR project team is committed to achieving these goals and making a contribution to biological diversity. If the yellow-bellied toad finds a suitable habitat, other threatened species such as the sand lizard, the swallowtail, the common centaury or orchids such as the heath spotted orchid or even the bee orchid will also benefit from this habitat.

But to help the endangered species in the long run, we need your financial support! No matter if 10, 50 or 150 Euros - each amount will help us to support the animals of our homeland, and thus also us humans and the preservation of recreational landscapes.

Thank you very much for your donation!
Christian Höppner, Project Manager of NABU Lower Saxony

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