LIFE BOVAR - 2nd EU monitoring in Hildesheim



Hildesheim. On 28 May, the second EU monitoring of the LIFE-project BOVAR took place in the premises of the district of Hildesheim. The monitoring is a stocktaking by the EU, in which the content and administrative course of the project is checked. A  representative of the EU monitoring team NEEMO and a total of 19 participants from all LIFE BOVAR project partners were present. Following the official part of the monitoring, three representatives of the Paul Feindt Foundation as well as Ms. Frauke Imbrock (Lower Nature Conservation Authority of the City of Hildesheim) and Mr. Falk Eckhardt (NABU Lower Saxony) took the participants on an excursion in the project area "Himmelsthür" near Hildesheim. Here the geomorphological and ecological characteristics of the project area as well as the measures for the yellow-bellied toad carried out in the past winter were presented.

Photo: Christian Höppner / NABU